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John Keats
John Keats

Critical Essays & Papers On Poetry From The Romantic Era
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Papers on Romantic Poetry
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John Keats' 'Negative Capability' in Poetry Analyzed
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This 2 page research paper examines British romantic poet John Keats' concept of negative capability and the ways it is reflected in major poetic works. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” and Alain de Botton’s “On Love” – Themes of Love and Imagination
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This 24 page report discusses the two novels “Sense and Sensibility” (1811) by Jane Austen and “On Love” (1993) by Alain de Botton and the ways in which they reflect the themes of imagination and love and compares them to the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (“Kubla Khan”) and Lord Byron (“She Walks in Beauty”). Love and imagination are always partners in a romantic setting. The thesis presented by the author of the report is that love cannot exist without imagination. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Keats' 'Ode To A Nightingale,' & The Validity Of Dream State
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A 5 page essay that posits that contrary to Keats' critics at the time, Keats was not lost in the romantic dream state, but was fully aware of the aesthetic artifice of his poetry. The writer explores both sides of the argument through myriad examples from within the poem itself. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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John Keats' 'Ode to a Nightingale' & Percy Bysshe Shelley's 'To a Skylark' / Imagery
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This 5 page research paper analyzes and draws comparisons and contrasts between John Keats' 1818 poem 'Ode to a Nightingale' and Percy Bysshe Shelley's 1820(?) poem, 'To a Skylark.' Also examined are the similarities and differences between other Keats/Shelley romantic poetry. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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25 pages in length. Poetry is the expression of one's very soul. It encompasses a great many emotions, feelings, and desires that can range from one spectrum to the other. Often represented in poetry are rage, love, happiness, sorrow and despair. Poetry is an avenue for the author to release the inner struggles that can be set free through no other means than verse. It can be a catharsis to one's ailing heart as much as it can be a conduit between two otherwise strangers. Poetry is as diverse a means of communication as any medium, yet there are a vast array of elements that make up this very unique and specialized form of writing. The writer will address the many aspects of poetry as they relate to creating the poem. Bibliography lists 11 sources.
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William Blake as Romantic
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A 5 page paper looking at the way this nineteenth century British poet expressed the ideology of the Romantic movement. Following an extensive definition and history of Romanticism, the paper looks at two of his poems -- 'The Little Black Boy', and 'The Chimney Sweeper', both from Songs of Innocence -- in terms of their romantic qualities. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: Blakerom.wps

Walt Whitman And Romanticism
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8 pages in length. Along with a handful of other famous poets, Walt Whitman represents the epitome of Romanticism. Inasmuch as the Romantic period is defined by a oneness with nature and the intangible world in general, Whitman took this historic opportunity to express myriad feelings he had in relation to life, environment, social composition. As well, Romanticism is also indicated by a certain sense of melancholy for which the poet utilizes as a vehicle for such intense expression. The writer discusses how the exact manner by which Whitman reveals this connection is an integral component to the poet's overall mystique, utilizing a number of literary techniques in order to achieve his objective. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
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A 5 page paper discussing the art of the Romanticism period with the focus resting on two particular artists. The artists examined are Theodore Gericault, considered to be the first true artist of the Romanticism period, and Eugene Delacroix, his follower and the man who essentially took over when Gericault died. The Romantic period of art was a time when art was filled with passion and emotion. The paintings often depicted real, and incredibly violent, events, often giving the people a fresh new perspective on the world around them as well as the art world, where previously all art had been very rigid and unemotional. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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