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  Welcome to the Internet's premier source of critical essays, reports, and papers on poetry from the Romantic era! Whether you need help analyzing the works of William Blake, John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, or any other Romantic era poet, this site CAN help YOU! Click the "essay list" button above to view our complete index of essays on romanticism and the poetry it yielded or use the "custom help" button to have our team of literary experts create a NEW paper designed to help you analyze ANY aspect of poetry YOU want! ANY essay you select will be delivered to you THE SAME DAY YOU ORDER! Not sure which one(s) to pick? Email us for a FREE one page excerpt from as many of our documents as you like! Questions about our service? CLICK HERE!
  What Romanticism added to poetry is incalculable and what this site adds to the body of poetry resources on the Internet is, perhaps, equally immeasurable. Romanticism as a literary movement gave poets the right to write about anything; no longer were there 'fit subjects for writing,' versus violations of "taste." It introduced the use of realistic-sounding language and cut through the tangle of complex literary and classical allusions to talk about first-hand experience, and thereby communicated meanings much more effectively to the reader. Still, today's students often find that interpreting this revolutionary form of poetry is one of the greatest challenges they face during the course of their academic careers. And so, this site serves to remove that stress and to steer struggling students in the right direction. Download help today!!!




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